Our Data Visualisation Portals are customised mapping-based web applications that provide you with a compelling way to view, present, and analyse your information.

The portal – which can be pre-loaded with a broad range of authoritative datasets such as basemaps and census statistics – is designed by our GIS experts to deliver an easy and engaging user experience.

  • Add context and meaning to your own organisational data by viewing and analysing it against a range of other datasets, including traffic and transport, demographics and lifestyle, or landscape – to name just a few.
  • Easily visualise your data and draw conclusions that may have been overlooked if the information was presented in a spreadsheet or graph
  • Engage your stakeholders by sharing information – such as stats or other typically dry or complex data – in a meaningful, easy-to-interpret visual format
  • Quickly highlight and display trends and hotspots in an intuitive and interactive format
  • Perform advanced spatial analysis
Data visualisation portal

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